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In June 1866 the Home Office authorised the acceptance of the tender submitted by a Mr Higgs in the sum of £3,117 for the erection of a new police station at Streatham. The freehold of the site had been purchased for £1,800 the previous year.

The new station was opened in July 1868, although it was described as no more than ‘a Policeman’s cottage’.

In the photograph shown the station is on the left-hand side, a typical Victorian two-storey Police Station with two chimneys.

By 1909 the population of Streatham had doubled, and the Victorian station was no longer adequate

The new station at 101 High Road was completed in two stages. The administrative part was opened for business in July 1912 and the new Section House, providing accommodation for 30 single men, was ready for occupation in April 1913.

Streatham Police Station was closed in 2013, and in 2015 sold for £4.249M.

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