• Behind the Blue Lamp


In the middle of Hyde Park Corner stands Wellington Arch, built in 1828 at the same time as Buckingham Palace, and, since the 1960s surrounded by a busy one-way traffic scheme. Inside the arch was a small police station, used primarily as a base for observing and controlling traffic, particularly before the advent of computer-controlled traffic management schemes. Wellington Arch was at one time referred to as the Triumphal Arch, the landlord being shown as Her Majesty’s Commissioners of Woods and Forests. It was described as a section house and had four box rooms, a kitchen and boot cleaning room.

The statue of Wellington which originally sat atop the Arch was removed to Aldershot in 1882, its place taken by the present quadriga.

The photograph of the interior shown here is from 1906.

Information taken from the new book BEHIND THE BLUE LAMP. Click here to learn more.

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