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There was a police station at Kilburn Lane, Kilburn in 1851, which was replaced by a new station converted from houses at ‪11-13 High Road, Kilburn on 12th February 1872. This in turn was replaced by a new station built on a freehold plot of land was purchased from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England for the sum of £960.

This station, shown below, had a frontage of 80 feet in Salusbury Road and extended for 160 feet along Mortimer Road. The new police station and the section house were completed in 1891/92 at a cost of £5,905, and the station was opened in December 1891. The single men’s quarters at the new station were ready for occupation in March 1892.

Kilburn Station was closed at 6.00am on 1st March 1938, and all business was transferred to Harrow Road. The station was converted into a section house, and on the outbreak of war in 1939 it became a Group Reserve Centre. On 6th November 1940 the station received a direct hit by three high-incendiary bombs and it was completely demolished. Fourteen of the eighteen people on duty were killed.

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