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The in(famous) Tommy Wall QPM by Peter Kennison

Chief Superintendent T. G. WALL was born on 16th August, 1909 the son of a gas

inspector, in Cardiff on 16 August 1909 and was formerly a transport worker. He came from a mixed community and held a complete disregard for peoples race, creed, colour and social disposition.

‘Tommy’ Wall joined the Police in April 1929 as warrant no. 118329 and was posted to N or Islington Division. He was a real character, tough and uncompromising and feared by recruits when he later took charge at Peel House. Outside on the street’s criminals, prostitutes and bookmakers all recognised and dreaded him.

He soon came to attention after making notable arrests and was commended by the Commissioner on no less than five occasions. He passed the promotion examination to sergeant in 1938 and transferred to G Division, and within a short time was transferred to Holloway as station sergeant 16 to N division in 1945. He was married and had a son. Some five years later, as inspector, he was sent for the first time to the Training School. Whilst Tommy Wall was a stern disciplinarian there was also a compassionate side to him for those who asked his help. He was a member of the Salvation Army and was often seen in his Army uniform in his spare time, giving his services for the greater good. Such were his talents he became a staff officer on A Division in September 1954 and three months later, as chief inspector, moved to staff officer on C Division. Sadly, in the interim his wife died.

Between 1955 and 1963 he rose through the superintending ranks to chief superintendent. Whilst still serving aged 57 years and qualified for a pension, he developed stomach cancer and died following an abdominal operation whilst still serving after 38 years in the Metropolitan Police. His pension was never paid as his wife had pre-deceased him. He had been issued with a variety of medals for his distinguished and dedicated service including the Defence Medal, Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Queen Elizabeth II - Coronation Medal, Queen's Police Medal (1961).

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