Over three days in July 2020, I'll be walking 100km on the streets of London and visiting 25 police stations, one each for the Metropolitan Police Divisions as they existed in 1937, when the Metropolitan & City Police Orphans Fund was created.

At each stop I'll be describing incidents and cases in which that station had some involvement, including Jack the Ripper, the Krays, the Tottenham Outrage, John George Haigh and the Bow Street Runners.


Please help me raise much-needed funds for the Police Orphans Fund.

You can read more about the charity here.

Day One (Friday 24 July 2020)

Day Two (Saturday 25 July 2020)

Day Three (Sunday 26 July 2020)

At each stop I'll be posting historical information on that station. You can read these in the Blog section.

Information and imagery has been taken from the book BEHIND THE BLUE LAMP, to be published in October 2020. Read more here.

Thank you for your support.